Grow in Grace Farm

Grow In Grace Farm

2 Peter 3:18

Natural Provisions

contact us at: and you can find us on Facebook as Grow In Grace Farm

We are a family of nine in rural Virginia growing natural and organic vegetables, berries, grapes, flowers, and herbs.

We have started an Etsy page for our numerous farmhouse vintage collectibles and antique items. Please see our Etsy and eBay Shop and see what we are curating and sharing.  We are The Vintage Farmstead  and you can find us at

Soon we will also have an Etsy and eBay shop for our farm goods ( soaps, herbal teas, all of our other products, etc.) and another shop with sustainable clothing designs ( vintage, upcycled, restored, natural eco clothing designs).

The Vintage Farmstead on Etsy

The Vintage Farmstead on Etsy



Also we create natural goods for everyday health:

Hand crafted olive oil and coconut milk soap using real essential oils,

Detox bath salts using 3 different healing salts, essential oils and herbs and flowers for a soothing soak.

Therapeutic herbal tea blends. Tea with a healing purpose! Currently we grow and blend up herbs to create teas for digestion, women, natural mood lifting, immune system support, calming, reviving and sleep aid.

Eye pillows, neck rolls and cramp pillows filled with lavender, flax seed and real essential oils to be warmed up or cooled for helping with muscle pain, relaxation and sleep. Using beautiful and comfortable fabrics.

Natural Cleaning Sprays

Natural Bug Sprays

Essential Earrings..beneficial jewelry..adornments with a purpose!

More natural products to come as we develop our line.

Growing in Grace..It’s Only Natural!

Hand Made Olive Oil Soap

Hand Made Olive Oil Soap

Fresh Herbed Raw Milk Chevre

Fresh Herbed Raw Milk Chevre


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