Nordic Naturals Giveaway Contest and “Where Have We Been All Winter?”


What a Winter We Have Had! Catching Up


Snowy Sheep

Snowy Sheep

1. The farm was still as it was blanketed in snow and ice. And mud. My memories will be of mud from Winter 2013-14. We spent the winter as background actors in the AMC movie TURN. More on that later when I will be allowed to write about our amazing experiences of being cast as characters in a true story about the Revolutionary War and America’s first spy ring.


On the Set of TURN

2. Our first baby lamb was born on a snowy ( and muddy) day. Story and photos to follow soon.

First Lambing Grace

First Lambing Grace

3. We hosted a boy from France for 3 months

France Visits

French Guest

4. I injured my shoulder ( after the filming) and could not move my arm for 3 weeks. Story of my healing journey to follow also.



5. Due to my injury, I learned a lot about the difference between natural and modern medicine. The frustrating ordeal of not knowing exactly what the underlying illness or problems may be and my frequent tendency to want to escape to a Tropical Island to heal.  Problem was, we had just gotten back from a tropical island, Puerto Rico! Yet another blog post coming on about fresh food!

Farmers Market in Puerto Rico

Farmers Market in Puerto Rico

6. I collaborated with another e-cookbook on desserts, and have yet to share it and promote it!

Healthy Sweets

Healthy Sweets

7. Now that the season is here for all of our growing, we are up to our elbows in planting and I got my first ever reaction to poison ivy! Not fun. But we are having a beautiful Spring and our now 2 little lambs are getting big and thriving.



I have much I would love to write about. For now, I am sharing a give away offer from Nordic Naturals ( remember from our post of EXPO East The EXPO Experience | Grow In Grace Farm.

Please read the blog post by Vintage Kids, Modern World and enter to try and win!  Nordic Naturals Prenatal and Baby DHA Review and Giveaway And Our Huge Announcement | vintage kids|modern world.






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