The Great GMO Debate: Dr. Mercola vs. Farmer Salatin


If you were not able to attend the GMO labeling debate between Dr. Joe Mercola and Joel Salatin early this month, here is a link to a smart synopsis from ‘The Grass- Fed Anarchist’. He recently guest posted at “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Healthiness”  We wished we could have attended the event ourselves that was held in Atlanta at the Wise Traditions Conference. Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund sponsored the debate.

Genetically Modified Organisms should not be included in our human food consumption. Messing around in the laboratory with the genes of the stuff that keeps us alive, is a dangerous game. But should the Federal Government get involved by legally mandating that all seeds and foods be labeled as containing GMO’s? Dr. Mercola and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm take different sides.

At Polyface Farm with Joel and Teresa Salatin

At Polyface Farm with Joel and Teresa Salatin

Please read at this link below from and also listen to the two go face to face on YouTube  ▶ Joe vs Joel GMO Debate – YouTube.

A Review of the Mercola vs. Salatin Debate (and why I’m still against government mandated labeling of GMOs) |.


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