Some of the Healthiest Foods in the World ( And How to Eat Weeds )

Some of the Healthiest Foods in the World ( And How to Eat Weeds )
Eating the Trees

Eating the Trees

Eating Indigenously 

Before mankind had large boats, vehicles and airplanes to travel beyond walking distances ( or a donkeys journey), humans ate only what they had access to locally. Now that we can eat almost anything we want, should we? Do we really need it to thrive? beyond those living in extreme climates where food is scarce, we should have enough food sources all around us, provided for us by God.

We have had some new friends recently visiting us who walked our land and started eating pine needles, dandelion leaves, wild sorrel, clovers and wild lettuces. Showing us a few plants on our property that we mostly considered annoying weeds or inedible botanicals. Although we have books on the subject along with photos, illustrations and descriptions, we still hesitated to venture out to pick and eat these plants due to fear. Fear of mistaking true edible weeds for toxic ones. So it was entertaining to see this guy munching on our pine needles and dandelion leaves and proclaiming the great source of vitamin c and blood purifying properties of them. The knowledgeable YWAM missionary lady who has learned to forage around the  world and can gather together a big healthy salad just by taking a stroll out the back door.

Pond Snacks

Pond Snacks

So we are learning from these adventurous folks on how to eat many healthy weeds for the cost of a walk in the woods. I am surely not totally prepared to delve into the world of foraging ( remembering the true story and film ” Into The Wild” ). And we all need to be certain that no herbicides or pesticides have ever been used on our near these weeds. We will continue to learn from others by their pointing out what we can actually eat in the wild and trust in their demonstrations. It’s a beneficial education for us and our children.

Wood Sorrel Weed Feed

Wood Sorrel Weed Feed

And mushrooms are another subject for a another topic of discussion. We have some expert books on the matter of mushrooms, but we are not going there just yet.

Food Out Back

Food Out Back

Here is some good info on what Rodale states are the healthiest foods on the planet. I agree on all of them ( with the exception of the pig). Some foods are hard to come by if you do not live in regions where it is natural ( kelp if living inland, coconut if not living in the Tropics). To me it makes sense to try and eat just what is indigenous to where you happen to live ( or are visiting).

Read this link from Rodale about some of the top healthiest foods in the world.

worlds healthiest foods | The 11 Healthiest Foods in the World | Rodale News.

healthiest nutrients | 13 Nutrients You Aren’t Eating Enough Of | Rodale News.

The Crazy Thing To Do With Weeds –


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