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Keeping It Real With Food and Farming


Don’t we hear this a lot lately?  I don’t intend to be the Food Police, but it is such a good idea for our general well beingand for the local economy.

For the past 9 years we have been striving to grow our own food and source out the rest from the local natural farmers. Living in the country and being 1/2 hour away from the nearest healthy grocery store, it is almost a  given that we need to do it ourselves as much as possible.Utilizing No-Till farming on our 12 acre land , we have been doing it all by hand ( partially due to lack of equipment). Wheel barrows, shovels and many hands ( 9 in our family ) make up our farming methods. Instead of joining a gym, we head out to…

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  1. Good afternoon I enjoyed reading your post. We are working our way to doing what your doing. I have put some of the books you mentioned on hold at the library. Cant wait for them to come in now.

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